Next time you threaten to leave Marriott, this may give you pause for thought

Discussion created by erc on May 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by pingreeman

Most all of us get aggravated now and then with different aspects of the Rewards program (and occasionally even the hotel service, which fortunately for us diehard loyalists, almost always surpasses the Rewards program efficacy and is excellent), some even to the point of threatening to leave long term relationships with Marriott. Nothing wrong with 'letting your feet do the voting', but anticipating a concerned reaction (beyond the sensible customer relations response of avoiding irritating a loyal customer) is most likely an approach that will only lead to disappointment.


Along with the economic rebound in general, the strength of current business travel, and now the return of group travel, (all which has lead to enormous financial success and stock market highs for Marriott) we can add the enormous impact of new markets like China (Marriott itself has added over a million Chinese Reward Members in the past 12 months alone). (500 million more guests on their way)


So, if it makes you feel better to threaten to "take your business elsewhere", of course feel free to do so; just don't be disappointed or even surprised if Marriott doesn't immediately react, good long term business strategy or not.