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Question asked by jerrycoin on May 11, 2014
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nuhusker, this one's for you!


On the recent flight back from CDG to ATL on a wonderful AF 747, I had the experience to enjoy a movie.  Not being much of a movie attendee, this one  was fascinating and hilarious to me, Nebraska.  Did not know what it was about, but watched it, and thought of our Mid-West "Experiences" and just could not stop enjoying the film.


The flight was most enjoyable, but the food and the movie proved to make the flight very memorable.  Here are a couple photo's:


We are just getting off the ground on the AF 747.  Bulkhead seats on the 747-400 are comfortable and the service is excellent!


The salmon, foix gras (Don't eat it anywhere), and vino are superb.  Note the movie, Nebraska, on the screen.  This movie is making me laugh too much to enjoy this wonderful meal!


Having three windows to view the frigid ground makes one enjoy this:



The "Medicine Cabinet", is really well stocked and diversified.  iahflyr, would be pleased with the assortment of "Medications"!  Everyone on the flight arrived healthy!  It was a miracle, but that's the benefit of proper medicine!