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At the risk of turning off the haters,I had a wonderful experience Monday when I checked into my hotel.  First of all, arriving at the property at 11 am, i was not too confident a room would be ready, secondly, when I booked, I found that the property was virtually sold out and an upgrade  was likely not in the cards.  Well, I was greeted with a warm hello, an acknowledgement of, and an appreciation for, my PP status, and a comment "Oh, someone must really like you".  Lo and behold I was upgraded to a king suite and the room was ready for immediate occupation.  Not a bad way to start the new week.  Now, did my complaining on this site just weeks ago about not a single upgrade yet this year have anything to do with it?  Now THAT is a conspiracy theory we can all gather around....goodnite all, I will be in my suite.