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bejacob & jerrycoin relax in STL!

Question asked by jerrycoin on May 11, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by superchief1

What a wonderful time it was to relax and share some MRI "Travel Tales" together! 


Meeting at the beautiful Renaissance Grand in St. Louis, we visited and then went across the street to a most interesting "Dubliner Gastropub"!


Our first meeting together was a riot of laughs, stories, and appreciation for having been lucky enough to have the experiences we have had.  He is on a mission to visit every county in America, get a picture of The County Seat, and mail a postcard from the local PO back to him.  He is so well organized and has the ability, (I don't), to utilize modern communications to help him in his quest.  Likewise, I shared with him my goal to meet and exchange travel stories and experiences with all the MRI's I can meet in the World.  What a wonderful group of people I have met so far!


A point of interest that iahflyr, would have enjoyed and may someday participate in was the concern we had for proper "Medicines"!  I know it is not wise to SHARE medicine but today, we broke this rule.  bejacob, brought me some wonderful "Watershed Distillery Vodka", a Columbus, Ohio, local distillery.  At 80 proof, it is a proven "Germ Killer", thank goodness for modern medicine!  Likewise, I reciprocated with some Champagne, brought back from Reims, France, to help bejacob "Fight off" the dangers of "Dry throat", from extended road trips.  It is a most serious malady, no cure, with the exception of fine French Champagne.  Here are a couple photo's,



The beautiful setting of The Renaissance in STL, make for a great place to meet!


The "Medicine Exchange" is a surprise feature of the "Get Together"!  All over a burger and some Irish Stew!  Can't wait to do it again.  Have a wonderful trip, bejacob!.