Marriott Stellaris Aruba-Multiple MR Issues-Especially Plat Arrival Gift

Discussion created by tker on May 10, 2014
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Normally, I am not a stickler on compensation for a front desk person overlooking this. Especially when they, or the property, have been helpful or treating us well. Not the case at the Aruba Stellaris-a newly minted Cat 9. They need to polish the edges.


What prompted me to push the issue…then the story…


1) No upgrade offered. "None available-we are at full capacity" Meanwhile, all room categories are available for sale during our short two day stay. (We are ending 2 weeks in timeshare properties.) I showed the clerk this. Didn't make a difference.

2) Had to wait until 4pm for room. That's fair-4 is check in. However, when I went to get the keys, that room had 2 queen beds. Not the guaranteed king.

3) Finally got a king room overlooking a bit of the pool between hotel and ocean club. A generator near the room emits diesel fumes that prevents sitting on balcony while running.

4) Room had no towels in it whatsoever. They were not replenished when room was cleaned for new guests. This was found out when I needed to shower. The conversation with hotel was comical. "You just checked in, how can there be no towels?" Me: "Housekeeping didn't leave any.." them: "That cannot be possible…." finally got towels and hour later. This was in the evening. I couldn't track down housekeeping.

5) Built in fridge had all shelves and door apparatus removed. These little fridges need those to keep anything inside. This was just strange.

6) Coffee amenities in room had expired. Creamer was cement like. Could have withstood a hurricane. (petty, i know)

7) Got coffee and pastries to eat poolside. No lids for the coffees at coffee shop. They ran out. Everyone balancing hot drinks precariously. (Small thing, but again a Cat 9 property….)

8) Wife used gym. Few supplies in women's locker room. TP etc. out.


So, we weren't offered the plat arrival gift. After all of these things, I decided to get my $100.00 cash. NOT SO FAST…. They only give a credit here. No, I want CASH! Nope…they "aren't allowed to." I pulled up the benefits. Emailed them to a manager at the property for a manager. Showed them where cash was required except where prohibited by law or in Russia. (In those cases, MR points are given.) Nope….no good. Credit only. They called MR. MR told them AND me that cash was actually NOT permitted. It had to be a check MAILED to me. Whatever…like I am trusting that to happen. (Property wouldn't do a check anyway.)

"Elite Members who do not receive their Elite Benefits Guarantee or Ultimate Reservation Guarantee in Russia, any other country subject to currency restrictions or any country prohibited by law from compensating the Member in the form of a cash payment will be compensated with Rewards Program Points."

Marriott Rewards® Terms and Conditions


In the end, they gave us $150.00 credit towards our folio. But, this all took nearly an hour. This policy should NOT be difficult for the Plat member. This should be smooth and uneventful for us to invoke.

The property also shouldn't have a policy that is in conflict with MR benefits.