Mother's Day Dinner 2014

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Since I was recovering from surgery Monday of this week, the normal feasting was in the hands of my lovely wife.  We had purchased a leg of lamb form Costco (does't everyone buy there?. She and I made Pommes Anna together. I worked the mandoline.  And we had poached asparagus from the local farmer's market.

lamb.jpgThe lamb was roasted with Rosemary from the back yard, garlic and of course the obligatory Bourbon based gravy.

















The Anna was made with Gruyere from Trader Joe's, and lots of other good things.


















My contribution to the feast was opening this 91 rated 2009 Tobin James Zinfandel, which at 55$ and 16% alcohol was a bigger splurge than usual for us.


We are members of the James Gang wine club and this was a shipment was last year.  The grapes are from the Dusi Vineyard in Paso Robles, an 80 year old wine growing location started during Prohibiiton.


Dusi dry farms their vines, meaning that the roots are much deeper and the grapes themselves are much smaller.  But this combination gives the wine a jammy fruitiness that is unmatched in most new world Zins.


So Mrs A was feted in style for this Mother's Day. Hope everyone else was similarly treated.






dusi.jpgDusi is located on Highway 46 West in Paso, the same road James Dean was riding on when he was killed. And not because of the wines I might add.  Dusi makes grapes for lots of other vintners but Tobin James (also on 46 but the Eastern part) seems to have it best in hand.


Paso Robles is home to some of California’s oldest and most distinguished Zinfandel vineyards, including this one, the Dante Dusi Vineyard, planted in 1945, the Pesenti Vineyard, planted in 1922, and the Uerberroth Vineyard, planted in 1885.