rive gauche paris - bit the bullet, maybe

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Hi all,

Probably in an attempt to avoid surgery (I am seeing my surgeon in Portland Monday, but realized when there was an 8 month minimum recovery period for arm/hand and even possible neurosurgery, I went ahead and made it impossible to do so (6 scheduled flights to Europe between now and December 31st.  I'm not scared of surgery (my big toe is all metal, and I have had a number of other surgeries, but it's the recovery period, with inability to use affected joints and limbs).  I realized nearly at age 62, my research will only be partially funded while I am still teaching. My minimum retirement age is 66 and my desired age is 70.  So since I'm embarking on a major new book project I want to maximize both my ability to travel and my ability to get it subsidized.


So, to make a long story short, I have sabotaged any attempts at operating on me in the near future.


What I have done (never thought I would, and could still change it), is book Paris the last week of June to the 1st of July at the Rive Gauche.  As oldtimers among you know I loved and raved about the Rive Gauche Marriott after many stays there. Then one rewards stay and one person ruined everything about 5 years ago -- a truly horrible, nasty desk woman, and getting stuck in a cubbyhole of a room looking down on the southern industrial side of Paris (while I was Platinum Premier, no less).  I have not stayed there since, even though I love the 13th/14th arrondissements because that's where I lived (rue Corvisart) in the 1980s doing my dissertation research.


So I'm going to give it another chance.  It's not particularly cheaper than good hotels in the Latin Quarter, where I also like to stay, but it's close to the Bibliothèque Nationale and Place d'Italie as well as connections to CDG.  If they give me a decent room and treat me well this time I might decide to start staying there again.


I can probably look it up but if anyone has stayed there recently, any thoughts? How is the Concierge Lounge and breakfast?'Thanks, ProfChiar;Pari