Hostess with the mostest!

Discussion created by shawna12 on May 8, 2014
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I am nominating our hotels breakfast attendant for the Spirit to Serve Award.  Her name is Linda S.


She goes above and beyond what her job entails. She treats every guest like they are a guest in her home, she is knowledgeable of our city and state, and has lengthy discussions with business men/women as well as families and their children(some even color pictures for her) all while keeping up with the pace of keeping breakfast stocked and everything neat and tidy.  She has an infections laugh, and always finds a way to bring a smile to our guests faces.  She serves them by bringing them coffee or juice, making them waffles, or cooking and delivering a bagel for them.  Recently, we had 2 guests who were staying long term.  Linda made a waffle for one of them daily, she went out and bought real maple syrup for him so that he would enjoy his breakfast experience even more!  The other, would have honey on his toast every morning, he would come down at the same time every day so she would have his coffee, his newspaper, and bought him his very own honey bear and placed it on his table for him.  I have multiple guests tell me daily how amazing she is.  One of our long term guests just this morning said that she should be an Ambassador for Fairfield Inn/Marriott!  She goes above and beyond our guests expectations.  We are very lucky to have her here!  I have warned her in advance that he can never leave! ;-) She is truly an exemplary employee.