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Reims, France (NOT Rouen, So Sorry!)

Question asked by jerrycoin on May 9, 2014
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Just about two hours, by car, from The Renaissance AdT, is the charming community of Reims.  Sitting in The Marne Valley, it is a relaxing and impressive place to visit.  The rural "Charm" of France is very special, and if you get a chance to go, it is most interesting and historic.  I won't be able to share all the details here, but Reims, has played a historic role in France for Centuries.  Kings were crowned here, wars were fought here and some wonderful dining is available here as well!  Here are some examples and photo's you may enjoy!


BTW, if anyone can add to this information with pictures, experiences, or questions, please do!


The Cathedral of Reims, is a most famous site.



You can see the Cathedral for miles as you approach the city.  Currently being renovated, the entrance is both impressive and special!


The interior is very beautiful, it was a cool day and one needs a jacket to cope with the interior.  In hot Summers, it was a respite from the exterior heat!  (BTW, my small camera, and the person behind it, do not do this place justice.)


In spite of it being a rather dark day outside, the stained glass windows were beautiful.


Hope you can read this!  Joan of Arc, played a role in France's Royalty, and is mentioned here.  Most interesting!


This one's for you, professor!  A wonderful statue of Joan of Arc!


This Cathedral has played an interesting role throughout it's history!


Close to the entrance to the Cathedral, is the Reims Official Tourism building.  This is a great place to get oriented on the area.  Furthermore, just across the street is a public restroom, with an attendant, and exceptionally clean.  Note, the town itself is really clean as well.  Now for some "Bubbly" sights!


Champagne, is the basis for the culture, and nowhere in the World is there an area like this for it's "Bubbly quality"!


Beautiful Chateau's and working factories have thrived here for Centuries.


Interesting places are found in Reims, one of the most famous and interesting I thought was,



Les Creyers is a historic hotel, restaurant, and sits in a huge plot of land that has a park like setting!  At one time, it was rated the #1 place in the World to dine.  There are no Marriott's in the area, so if you had just one night or meal in the area, this is the place to go.


The entrance is narrow and opens up to a "Stately" Manor!


Yes, the entrance to the hotel is attractive.  People from all over the World come here for meetings, holidays, or just to relax.  Today, in addition to The French Flag in the center, is a British Flag, as well as a Russian Flag.



The grounds are gorgeous, but now it's time to "Head down Champagne Highway", our "Throats are getting a little parched", and we must make it to Epernay for some "Bubbly" samples!  Hope you enjoyed this, and please do add comments if you can!


PS.  I want to thank our wonderful Concierge, Remi L., for setting this memorable day!  He arranged for the driver, organized the trip, and has always been of great service.  He is one of the few Concierges, along with his counterpart, Chloe, that have earned "Golden Key" status for their expertise in travel!  Since today was a National Holiday in France, V-E Day, we got to stand in the middle of the street and get a memorable photo as we departed Paris for The Champagne Region.



Thanks to all!  That's Laurent, our driver, us, and "Gold Key" Concierge Remi L., in front of The huge French Flag under The AdT!