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Champagne Country, Epernay, France

Question asked by jerrycoin on May 11, 2014
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For those of you that love "The Bubbly" and some scenic sights, this is your place to visit and relax.  About two hours from The AdT in Paris will put you there is you are driving a car.  You can go a scenic way and enjoy the villages of Meaux, Chateau-Thierr, and other wonderful places.  Each city is noted for it's uniqueness and preservation of French history and culture.


Epernay, is famous throughout the World for it's Champagne.  The production of this product has been the staple for the region for centuries.  The very clean town has been popular with tourists for centuries as well, but is really a "Laid back", place to visit.  One can enjoy dining, The champagne tours, caves, and of course, imbibe in the wonderful product itself. 


The region is famous for historic battles, The Marne, is best remembered in its historic place in modern history for it's role in WWI and WWII.  Here are some photo's of Epernay and nearby Hautvillers, (The Abbaye of the famed Monk, Dom Perignon.



One could visit a lot of places that are famous for their champagne, but I would limit your day to two.  One would be Moet & Chandon.  A wonderful place to learn, taste, and visit.  There is a fabulous "Cave tour", if you are so inclined, and likewise, a great gift shop.



The gift shop contains not only Champagne, but a wide assortment of related gifts and keep-sakes.  Some favorite items are kitchen items and other things with the Moet & Chandon name on them.


The avenue is aptly named:


The Avenue de Champagne!  There are many, many wonderful places to visit on or just off this famous avenue.


Statues and monuments of famous people will also be found in Epernay, such as,



A wonderful tribute to the blind Monk, Dom Perignon, at the entrance to the "Caves, tours, and gift shop, of Moet & Chandon.



A well kept monument to Gen. Patton, and his troops, who left from here in 1944 in a successful effort to win WWII.


Take a nearby drive to Hautvillers, France, and enjoy mile, after mile of well kept Champagne Vineyards!



Each area is marked by its ownder and producer of Champagne, when you get to the "Quaint" Village of Hautvillers, you may want to enjoy a memorable meal at,


This is a wonderful place to dine, relax and then enjoy the famous Abbay of Dom Perignon, across the street.


This place is most intimate, and kept the same way for centuries.


Inside are some "Moving" statutes and displays.



It was a sunny day, so my camera could not do the alter and windows "Justice" with this picture, but it was beautiful.


A statue of Mother Mary, and others were simple, yet appropriate.


The Abbaye is small, but very easy to enjoy its art!


The blind Monk, Dom Perignon, is buried right in the Abbaye, as you approach the alter!


One last thing, as you leave and return to Paris, or wherever, enjoy the beauty of The Marne Region.  If you have photo's, experiences, of questions, please let us know here at MRI.  Here is a photo that embraces the area:



The simple, raw beauty, of The Marne River, and the area that surrounds it!