Reservation Response Times?

Discussion created by curiousone on May 10, 2014
Latest reply on May 11, 2014 by foxglove

I am a Platinum and always use the Platinum phone numbers when calling Marriott. Last year my wife got her own Marriott Visa Premier card so we could double up on the benefits. With her Visa card she is a Silver and today booked her free cat 5 hotel room. She ended up getting it charged to her credit card and not the certificate. I said "no problem, just call the reservation line and they will take care of it". After 40 minutes on hold she had to hang up, so we could go to an appointment. I assumed she just hit a busy time and she could get through later. After we returned she called again and after 65 minutes I had her hang up and said that I would call the Platinum line. My call was answered immediately and when I gave the agent the reservation # and explained what happened, she immediately took care of it. This would appear to indicate that Platinum's do get better service. (yeah!) However, I find it amazing that such poor service is apparently being offer to Silver's. Was this a unique situation, or are other Silver's (and maybe Gold's?) seeing the same thing?