Platinum Premier - what a disappointment

Discussion created by klieber on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by cjkatl

So, after a fairly brutal travel schedule for the last few years, I finally achieved Platinum Premier status for 2014.  Wow, what a tremendous disappointment.  I've read other's accounts of the lack of distinction but never really understood how bad it was.  In the stays I've had in 2014, I think there's only been one person who even mentioned "premier" as part of the standard "thank you for being a platinum member" schtick we always get at check-in.  I don't even think most of the desk folks know it even exists.  Then, beyond the cute USB battery that I was sent as part of my welcome gift, there has been absolutely zero extra benefits.  None.  No additional room upgrades (never mind suite upgrades), nada.


I don't even understand why this tier exists.  Achieving it and then getting absolutely nothing for it is more damaging to my opinion of Marriott than if they'd not had the tier at all.


I'm already a lifetime platinum member, so at this point, I really have no reason to remain loyal to marriott.  I can (and have) started evaluating other properties.  I'm just surprised that MR would have such a poorly designed aspect of what has always been an otherwise fairly well-run program.


Marriott: let me add my voice to the many others that have already complained: Platinum Premier is doing nothing to help your cause and, for some of your most loyal members (such as myself) it's actually worsening our opinion of you.