If it ain't broke, please Marriott, don't fix it.

Discussion created by pluto77 on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by skiadcock

Woops, Marriott did it again.  Check out the search/find hotels page at  They used to list the hotels for a requested location along with the price, and if you wanted to see them on a map, you could click on the map icon, and a map would appear at the top of the page with the hotels on the map, but the list was also still there to scroll, default order being distance to the center of the location.  If you hovered over a location on the map, you could see the hotel name and price.  Not any more.  If you want to see the hotel on a map, click the map icon, and poof - the list goes away.  Not only that, but you can't hover over a point on the map to get the hotel name and price.  Now you have to click it and wait for the page to refresh to see it on a side panel.  Totally dumb.    I want my old view back. 


It's one thing to go messing with the look and feel of Insiders, but please don't mess with the search/find hotels page.  Marriott is just making it harder and harder to analyze, compare and find the best rate/location.  Not happy with this new change.


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Did I mention that I want my old view back?