Exchanging home location via Destinations points versus Interval exchange, pros cons

Discussion created by truth1ness on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by shashack

So as I understand it there are two routes I can now take if I want to use my home location week at a different Marriott Vacation Club location. I can either exchange the week for destinations points and use those to buy a stay at another MVC location or I can exchange the week to Interval and then pick a week via the Interval site. Unless I'm missing something these seem to both accomplish the same thing, correct?


If that's the case then unless you have a timeshare that gives a high point value and are going to stay at a cheaper MVC location, isn't it always a better value to go with an Interval exchange? Since Interval doesn't deal in points, a week is worth a week no matter where you stay, then it seems like a smarter idea to exchange the week with Interval to get a comparable or higher end MVC.


So it seems it breaks down to "going to lower point MVC > Destinations points" "going to higher point MVC > exchange through Interval". Is that correct or is there something I'm missing? I actually don't really see the point of the Destinations program as someone with a home location with lower point value. One of my weeks is only valued at 1800, I don't see why I would ever use Destinations when I can go through Interval and get a much higher point MVC exchange. Am I missing something?