Transparent Airfares Act of 2014

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I recently read on a travel blog that Congress is considering a bill that would void a 2012 Department of Transportation ruling called the "Full-Fare Advertising Rule" that requires airlines to display the final price of an airline ticket when listing fares in advertising or on their website.  I think most frequent travelers like myself would agree that we enjoy being able to see the "final price" of airline tickets when shopping for airfare.  Personally I wish car rental agencies had to follow the same rules.


Congressional supporters (both republican and democrat) of the Transparent Airfares Act are arguing that the full fare advertising rule is allowing the Department of Transportation a means to hide ever increasing taxes and fees from public scrutiny.


Here is a link to another travel blog with more information about this proposed new bill:


If you would like to show your support for or against the new bill you may do so here:


I'm hoping this new bill will not pass but currently it has lots of support in Congress.