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Destination/Club Points Chart ???

Question asked by cktaymd on May 7, 2014

When I purchased Destination points, they gave us a booklet that lists 2012/2013 "costs" for travel to all of the Marriott locations, depending upon day of arrival or whether you were staying for the week.  Now it is 2014, and planning for 2015.....I cannot find an updated chart that will tell me how many points it will require for me to stay at these resorts.   I know I can go to the owners site and click on "use my points" to find it, but it would be easier to have a chart that is already published for each location.  Does this exist?

I have over 6,000 vacation club points that I must use before the end of this year and receive 3500 point each year; I am a Premier member.  One of the problems with the owners website is this:  If I get 3500 points per year and want to make reservations for NEXT year at a resort that requires more than 3500 points, I cannot do it - the site does not take into account that I have enough points this year to bank and move toward that trip.  In order to be on a wait list for a resort, I must move enough of this year's points into next year's bank....and even then I am not certain that I will "get" the trip I'm waiting for. 

There are too many "conditions" placed upon these points.  I am sorry I bought them, not only did we play an outrageous upfront fee, we also must pay a maintenance fee, yearly, just like we pay on our timeshares.

Destination Points = Disappointment