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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment at Marriott Properties

Question asked by zentraveler on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by pingreeman

On the web site there is a web page which lists Marriott hotels with Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

To get to this page on the web site,  you must drill down as follows:

- About Marriott

-- Corporate Responsibility

--- Environment

---- Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


The page starts with the following:

"More than 60 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are available and ready for use at Marriott hotels. Guests at the hotels listed below can now charge their EVs using the "Level 2" charging stations. Most hotels provide this as a complimentary service, but fees may be applicable at some locations."


First, kudos to Marriott for encouraging the use of EVs and providing EVSE for their hotel visitors. As a long time Marriott customer and an EV owner, I am encouraged to see Marriott moving in this direction. Maybe someday every hotel with a parking lot will have EVSE for hotel guests.


While I was reviewing the list of hotels with EVSE for an upcoming trip I encountered a few problems....


Issue One: Please do not list hotels that do not have EVSE.


When I called a hotel on the list (Residence Inn Del Mar, Del Mar, California), the front desk person, after talking to the manager on duty, told me the EVSE was never installed. Oops! They promised to call Marriott Corporate and get their hotel removed from the list of hotels with EVSE.


I decided to call more hotels on the list...


Fairfield Inn & Suites Fresno Clovis. I talked with Denise, the Sales Manager. While they have talked about and are considering installing EVSE at their location, no EVSE has been installed at their hotel.


Fairfield Inn & Suites Selma Kingsburg. No EVSE has been installed at this hotel.


Issue Two: Please add EVSE information to the hotel specific web pages in the Hotel Details.


When checking other hotels on the list I did not find any notation of EVSE in the hotel details on the hotel specific page. Sure would be nice if the hotel pages had a common way of showing EVSE availability at the hotel including number of stations, reservation availability, EVSE vendor and charge levels (Level 1 - 110VAC, Level 2 - 220VAC or Level 3 DC - Fast Charge).