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Allison and Joyce: Spirit to Serve nomination

Question asked by marriott451 on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by laurac

While staying at the Spring Hill Suites in Flagstaff, Arizona recently I received exceptional service from Allison (front desk) and Joyce (housekeeping supervisor). When I showed up in the lobby on Monday morning, Allison's smile told me that I had come to the right place. She had my Platinum welcome gift, a perfect room, and she realized that I needed to check in early to scrub away a bad experience with another property (microscopic rooms). No problem, another smile, and I was on my way to a wonderful four days of photographing around Sedona. One of the days I returned from a sunrise photo shoot my room key did not work. Joyce was there to help, and not only did she take my room key down to the front desk for rekeying, she made sure that the key worked properly. She then asked if I needed anything, and I mentioned my love of photography. She could have said, "That's nice" but instead she asked me if I had been to a certain location. I said that I had not; and Joyce went back down four floors, got a map and description from Allison (great team!), brought it back up to my room, and made up the bed so I could rest after getting up at 4 AM. Both Allison and Joyce embody what I consider the "Spirit to Serve" commendation is all about.