Sideways and Sides Hardware and Shoes

Discussion created by anadyr on Apr 28, 2014

We all recall the defenestration of Merlot scene from  the 2004 film "Sideways." I have not touched it since! Knowingly, but there may have been blends.

merchant.jpgThat movie's scene was filmed at the Los Olivos Wine Merchant Cafe, situated in scenic Los Olivos California, not far from  the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott where we are lodged,(the three Tesla charging stations on site are a must for seasoned Eco-tourists like us).


Last evening we dined at Sides Hardware and Shoes, just around the corner. We did not order either hardware or shoes, instead focusing on excellent food and even better adult beverages.

DSCN0466.JPGAside from a very loud table of five Millenials nearby, extolling their own virtues at high decibels, we had a good time. Only four of the five chatterers constantly consulted their smart phones, perhaps checking to see if they had landed a major role in some Hollywood drama or musical. A Happy Birthday was sung off key and that was that.

Were I more clever I might have surreptitiously recorded their inane commentary, which became more inane (inaner?) as the wine flowed and they became less inhibited--as if they ever had any inhitibits to start with!

My mind flashed back to Sideways: As Miles says to Jack in the movie, as he schools him in the finer points of wine tasting etiquette, This wine has “the faintest soupcon of asparagus, and just a flutter of nutty Edam cheese


We dined excellently, Mrs. Choosing a Pork Chop  special and myself Fried Chicken. Don't laugh, the chicken was soaked in brine for three days, roasted and then flash fried, leaving no grease to offend or interfere with the nutty Edam red that we were tasting. It might have flown away, it was so fresh, but then...



                               $28 Pork Chop

sweet onion, pee wee potatoes, Brussels sprouts & Davy Brown Ale pork jus



                               $26 Fried Chicken

creamy polenta, garlicky kale, pecans & chicken jus



The five loudsters left, stumbling onto the street, and then squeezing into a very rented lime green Kia Soul, which seemed to be appropriate for five children, not them. Or maybe they were?

We approached our Model S Tesla, the door handles slowly welcoming us, secure in the knowledge that we were saving the Earth and the Marriott/Tesla station was mere ten miles to the south.

We avoided large metal objects on the road.



Miles says "This week is not about me. It is about you. I'm gonna show you a good time. We're gonna drink a lot of good wine. We're gonna play some golf. We're gonna eat some great food and enjoy the scenery and we are going to send you off in style, mon frere."

And so it goes, life in Buellton, Solvang and of course Los Olivos.