A Fond Farewell to Community Manager

Discussion created by erc on Apr 25, 2014
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As much as I bust Andy's chops, I felt I owed it to him (and the many, many Insiders who never saw the meteor announcement flash across "The Board" and would want to wish him well) to throw his departure statement up on the Front Page Big Board for more folks to see and weigh in with their warm regards (his statement, as many blogs do, only got 80 views - 10 from me, checking how many views! and more importantly, only 10 replies, which I know is under representation from the Insiders that have interacted with him throughout the years)


So take a look; this also points out what an excellent job he's done working with us, given some of the many technological barriers he must maneuver around.


And with this post, I take the lead in "Teacher's Pet" award, thank you