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Pet Peeve for a Tuesday.


Concierge Lounge, Boston Copley Marriott, packed at 8am. At a six top table a Salesman (he said he was to whomever he was chatted to very loudly on his cell phone) was holding forth, describing his new car, where his kids were going to private school, etc. He occupied four of the six seats at that table, himself, briefcase, other assorted paraphernalia on the chairs.


I wish I had that device that renders cell phones mute (but alas they are illegal in the US) by interrupting the communications link with the tower that he was using. He talked on for at least twenty minutes as other guests passed by looking for a seat. Did he care? Nope? Was he rude? Yep? Is he all too common  a type encounter in CLs?  Yes.


Whatever he is selling I have no desire to buy.