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Freddie Awards This Thursday - What's the outcome? Spoiler Alert - Marriott Wins!

Question asked by erc on Apr 22, 2014
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Call it a Beauty Contest, a Popularity Poll, or an accurate barometer of Loyalty Programs, The Freddies are this Thursday (4/24) in Seattle at the Museum of Flight (ooh, Aviation Geeks, Unite! hit your 1,000th Reply and gather there and celebrate ).

Will Marriott Win Again? They have dominated in many categories for much of this century;

Last year's results - in spite of all the teeth gnashing on both FlyerTalk and Insiders;






Best Customer ServiceMarriott Hotels – Marriott Rewards
Best Earning PromotionMarriott Hotels – Marriott Rewards
Best Elite LevelHyatt – Gold Passport
Best Redemption AbilityMarriott Hotels – Marriott Rewards
Program of the YearMarriott Hotels – Marriott Rewards


Being like my local politician, I feel strongly both ways. Here is the Vegas line;


Odds on Favorite - Tallest Dwarf in the Room

Option 1 - Marriott Wins Again



Tip of the Cap to Marriott                       Enhanced perks might

  2014 Freddies Winner                          "have left the building"




Longshot - Iowa Primary Selects President

Option 2 - Someone Knocks Off Marriott



Ouch! Freddie Slippage          Can you hear us now?


And for you cynics out there - Who us?

Option 3 - Marriott Loses and Adds

10 million more Rewards Members



Ouch! Freddie Slippage         Frankly folks, We don't....



What are you thoughts?

Pick an Option or add one of your own - correct answers earn free waffle at SpringHill and JimmyDean at Fairfield on Friday*.


*Courtyard free coffee drinkers are not eligible, must cash in both waffles and Jimmy Dean sandwich at same time or prize is voided.