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Feather Free Room Preferences Ignored

Question asked by marriottbiztravelerfan on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by valeriec

I am a Marriott Rewards Elite status member.  In the past 2 years, my company spent almost $80k in lodging for my business travels at Marriott properties.  My rewards profile says I require a feather-free room, and so does my travel agency profile.  So why is it that most properties seem to IGNORE the request upon check-in?  I checked and found that in 10 stays only 20% of the properties had prepared a feather-free room for me. Why?  They always say "I see you are a Marriott Rewards member " upon how come the computer systems don't pass along the feather-free requirement as well?  Sometimes they tell me it's feather-free...but it's not and then I have to wait hours and hours for someone to come and fix it.  Many times I have been told that there were no feather-free pillows in the I would close the feather pillows up in the bathroom and sleep (poorly) on a folded-up cotton bath towel.  To prevent these poor customer service events, I have started calling the property in advance of my arrival to point-out the preference.  As an Elite member, I resent the fact that I have to do MORE work to ensure that Marriott franchise owners look at their computer systems more carefully.


Marriott - this is a HUGE problem.   Please work with your franchise operators and hotel operations staff to correct this issue.  You should treat a Feather-free request with the same level of diligence as a request for a handicap-accessible room.   A feather-free request should always be accommodated with soft, fluffy non-feather pillows...not the hard, flat, should-have-already-been-thrown-away pillows I normally receive.  For some of us, feathers create medical conditions, and the request should be treated accordingly. 


Does anyone else agree with me?