MegaBonus always a stretch (not the good kind)

Discussion created by greenit on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by panusr

As a long time MR member I have watched with a bemused and mostly chagrined expression with a MegaBonus offer is put in my account.  As I have absolutely no idea how the targetting works.  For example Q1 2014 I have to stay 30 nights in 3 months to get a bonus.  Looking back at my history I rarely if EVER stay that much. 


The trend I see is that a bonus is always just slightly out of reach.  Why is that?  I mean a bonus is something you get for what you do.  A challenge is something you have to stretch for.


I would suggest to MR that they create two new categories. 

  MRBonus - for people who stay a lot to acknowledge that we are loyal.  Note Platinum check points is nice but not what I am talking about.

  MRChallenge - the current MegaBonus program that is a challenge to get the nights not a bonus for your loyalty.