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Anyone tried same day booking app from Hotel Tonight?

Question asked by erc on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by brightlybob

Same-day booking app HotelTonight predicts the future too - CNET


As I fall further and further behind in the lodging technology game, I realize that even I, the long haired, overfed, leaping gnome of a Luddite might have to jump on the bandwagon with at least some of the latest gadgets. This is a three year old app, that now that the big boys like Priceline and Expedia have gotten into the same day booking deal, have now gone to predicting where deals will be. Currently on I-phone (and others state it's also available on Android).

Have any of you more up to date Insiders had any experience with this app or anything similar? If so (or not), what are your thoughts? Does Marriott play with these guys?  I can only learn a handful of new things, so I must choose carefully. Thank you for your insights.