Working Dogs on the MBTA

Discussion created by anadyr on Apr 17, 2014
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Had a long chat with the handler, Arlane Thibodeau,  of a working bomb dog on the MBTA's Green Line tonight. The dog, who was working in Afghanistan, was severely wounded by an IED,and then Med-evaced then rehabbed. The transit police took him, he's five years old, a black lab, and very friendly.  His MO in combat was to sit down if he smelled explosives and remain silent.


His handler is a female ex-Marine with two tours over there. She brought him into the transit police K-9 corps.  He name is Shifty and he is far from being a nervous dog.  Both she and he will be working Monday, Marathon Day, and keeping us all safe.



We are so blessed to have folks like this keeping us safe.


I had called him Shakey in the first version of this post, sorry Shifty!