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New and completely stumped.

Question asked by demetriabeth on Apr 12, 2014
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Hi!  I'm fairly new to marriot rewards, and i am embarrassed to say this, but i cannot figure out how to earn points.  I understand that i get 1 point per dollar for staying at a marriott hotel, but i am confused about the categories.  How do i know which category is the best to stay at?  I am assuming the higher the category the better?  Also, i have the credit card so i am silver elite.  When my poiints reset this year, it says i have 2 bonus nights.  Those are not free nights, but rather 2 nights counting toward the total i need to stay at silver status? Is there any pointers you can give me to get some good travel deals?  I appreciate y'alls advice.  Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!


Thank you!