Washington D.C. suggestions, please

Discussion created by bejacob on Apr 11, 2014
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I'll be attending a conference in Arlington, VA late this year. I except to have a few slivers of free time (perhaps as much as a day and half) and would like to find a good way to spend it.


Some years back (during Reagan's first term, if memory serves), I toured the White House, the Capitol, several of the Smithsonian Museums (but would consider visiting them again), and got to the top of the Washingon Monument. Also saw the Lincoln Memorial and watched sheets of $100 bills being printed (Bureau of Engraving and Printing?).


Given that it has been so long, what sights and restaurants should I consider?


I plan on staying at the Residence Inn Arlrington Capital View (using up a few category 4 certificates in the process). The conference is at the Hilton across the street, but I'll stick with Marriott, thank you. The Crystal City Metro station looks to be a modest hike away, but certainly within reach.


This won't be a vacation, but I'd like to include a few fun things along with the necessary business. I have no doubt that MR Insiders will have some great suggestions.