Google Glasses on sale tomorrow only

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For the first time (and only tomorrow, April 15th) you can be among the first in your neighborhood to buy a pair of Google Glasses (prototype version) and become an "Explorer," wait a minute: wasn't that what I was in Boy Scouts?


At only $1500 dollars (plus your sales tax) you'll be able to emulate Superman's x-ray vision (use that carefully old friends).


Google_Glass_Explorer_Edition.jpegBut imagine Checking in to a Marriott wearing Google Glasses:


     Associate:  "Welcome sir. Are you checking in?)


     Me: "Yes and I see that your rooms control people have allocated me the Presidential Suite."


     Associate:  "Sir, if I may ask, how do you know that?"


     Me:  tapping the ear bud.  "Call it intuition or just plain extra sensory perception.  You will also note that I am to get free valet parking and a full breakfast delivered to my suite daily."


     Associate:  "I see that in your record sir, but how?"


     Me"  "I see clearly, that's how.  And I am an official Google Glass wearer."


     Associate:  speaking into the intercom.  "Security, please come to reception."


And so it goes.