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Have you used UR-Tix on the "Use Points" Link?

Question asked by kristyw on Apr 8, 2014
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I recently at the beginning of the year used this site UR-Tix for a third time and had a bad experience  I am writing a letter to them and to higher ups in Marriott but thought I would get some feedback here first.    


I had been planning to see the 20/20 Experience on the last tour date in North America (Miami) and I had bought sporting event tickets through UR-Tix multiple times already.   In previous events the manager of the ticket center (UR-Tix) has been helpful and even assisted with refunds for points and changing seat locations for NHL and NBA games (as needed).   I thought I would try a concert since I had dealt with them in the past.    I ordered three tickets in a location (a) that I wanted and (b) in the amount of points I was willing to spend on the seats.  I received notification that the 3rd person would be out of the country suddenly and called and emailed my contacts at UR - Tix the same day.  The person I normally deal with was not available and I dealt with new employee.  Each time I called he assured me everything was fine and one ticket was being credited back and the information was awaiting the manager to complete.   Luckily in the mean time I got third seat filled and ask for them to cancel the release of the third seat and I would keep it.  They assured me it was no problem.  Here is the statement on Marriott Rewards:

Ur*Tix specializes in Premium, hard-to-get seats which are not available through the Box Office We carry over 30,000 events world-wide - many of which are Sold-Out.


I had to e-mail and call multiple times, and it seems to be the case with UR-Tix to have to do this for every ticket purchase with points, to finally get the tickets issued and I was assured that they got three seats together and they were great seats, and went on to say that this show was such a great show, that there wasn't a bad seat in the house.  To shorten this extra long story - I arrived and made my way to my seats and when walking to my seats I realized I was in the top (rooftop), the very last section, in very back and as I kept walking was appalled to find out that hard to get seats which are not available through the Box office was the last three seats in the top back last section in the roof looking through the event lighting and curtains hanging from the roof.  I was so upset, to say the least that I could not speak and near tears since this was an event that I had planned for months and been assured that my seats were great.  I and other guest arriving for the show had the same look, a look of confusion, when looking at their tickets and then the seats, multiple times to verify that this was really their actual seats.   I am sure they felt as I did bewildered and appalled that these seats were EVEN AVAILABLE for sale.  


I would like to hear any and all feedback on your dealings with UR-Tix as I am super un-happy that they pretty much ruined my night on an event I waited months to see and to top it off here is the kicker:   120,000 points


This is one of several letters I will be writing to very important members of Marriott, UR-Tix, the 20/20 Experience and the Miami Arena Management.  i will get feedback here and then mail off the rest of the letters for notification of this terrible transaction with a company I trust and use all the time. All listed above are at fault for this even being allowed to happen and the fact you could even offer these seats at all, or offer them as being some kind of prize is highway robbery for costing 120,000 points.   


More soon to all listed above and thanks for any input anyone else has on this topic.  I appreciate any and all input on this topic that may help me with this issue.