Redonkulous Parking Fees and Marriott Pompano Beach!!

Discussion created by robschafer80 on Apr 8, 2014
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Taking a poll.....

How many of you feel parking fees have gotten simply out of hand?  I have a new word for them....REDONKULOUS!!


I'm headed to the Marriott Pompano Beach Resort and Spa. Too late, the reservation is cast.  I found a decent rate, but then asked about parking fees.  YGBSM!  $26.50 a day for valet only parking?  This is such robbery.   Let's assume I use the advertised room rate of $174 a nite.  When I add the parking fee, my room rate is now over $200 a night!   It's 15% more for the privilege of parking my car!  I went to the web site for the resort and parking is not even mentioned until you dig way down....


Be sure to click on "hotel details".  On the next page, you will find:

So yes, the advertised rate on the hotel web site is $25.  But if you call, you can get the non-advertised bargain rate of $26.50.  Let's add some further insult.  I'm not even afforded the option of saving some tip money - I have to have the valet park my car.


Maybe if enough rant to corporate about this it will change.  I see minimal value in valet ONLY parking and certainly not $26.50 A DAY!!