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Marriott County Hall, Park Lane or Grosvenor Square?

Question asked by fern on Apr 7, 2014
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Hi, Everyone!


I'm looking for guidance here…I'm going to London early in May and have reservations in these 3 hotels to use points. I will be in London for 4 nights.I have seen the pictures and read the reviews, but many are old and want more current information if possible. This trip is a gift to my parents and I really want to make it super special for them, especially my mom. I'm a gold member and I'm looking for the following:


1. A nice Concierge Lounge. We were recently in Vienna and my mom loved the lounge! She enjoyed the offerings, but most of all, she enjoyed the homey feel of seeing the same people and being in a relaxed environment that felt like home. My question is, which of the three options do you think has the best lounge? Are they all open during the whole day and on weekends? How are the options? Which one is prettier, bigger, etc. Feel free to add any additional details here!


2. Close to tourist areas. We have been to London before, but it was years ago and need a refresher! That means, we probably won't go to the Parliament since we've been there, but we want to go to the Tower of London, for example. She doesn't like the tube too much, so if we can actually walk it might be better. My question is, which one would be a better choice in this case?


3. Level of "Pretty". Which of the three do you consider the prettiest, newest, most recently renovated, etc. I want them to feel comfortable in a classic and elegant hotel, where they can enjoy the room as much as sitting at the lobby to people watch. Also, which hotel is situated in a fancier location?


If there is any other detail that you think could possibly help me in making a decision, feel free to include it! Also, if you have any tips regarding what rooms to request or floors, etc., let me know. Again, THANK YOU all for any guidance you may give me!!!! I TRULY appreciate it!