Insiders - Category Change Deadline April 7th - Book 'em Danno

Discussion created by erc on Apr 4, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by madmax
Notice last year - earlier notice, later deadline; Times They are a-Changin'
  For your health, don't let the older/less expensive categories expire without taking a stab at booking your room.
Remember;  you do not have to have the points to reserve a room
If you earn enough points after April 7th - make certain Marriott does not deduct the higher amount (it has happened, "protect yourself at all times")
If in doubt about your dates, book different nights with additional reservations
You may also reserve rooms if you have the points without tying up your points (must be done on phone)
If you change the reservation after April 7th - (I'm not sure about beds, but definitely dates) you automatically move to higher category
If you're staying three, try five (for four nights' points - essentially, a BOGO) who knows how much longer this will last
Non Eastern Standard Time folks - me, being me, I wouldn't mess with going beyond midnight EST - but, live dangerously if you so desire
Don't leave dollars on the table - Go man, Go!