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Discussion created by erc on Apr 4, 2014
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Whereas many long time loyalists are concerned that Mother Marriott sometimes overlooks us when distracted by their bright new shiny target audience (of which we proudly include several members), we, time and time again demonstrate that when it comes to travel activities, restaurants, pretty airplanes (for you geeks out there ) and DEALS, Insiders are certainly in the know.


Here's a recent article about the great prices and ever improving foods at the new trend of dining at the bar, a subject we have discussed and shared several times over the past year or two



Long before it was trendy, we have written several times about the good deals at top notch restaurants (like Landry's, Lettuce Entertain You, Flemings, Vidalia, Oceanaire, etc etc). I just had a terrific happy hour pre-meal savings last night at Jose Andres' Oyamel (most all of his restaurants have similar offerings) where by saving on my wine, beer, and appetizers, my half price show at Woolly Mammoth was essentially free. Speaking of free, ($90 membership bought for $45 thru has been better than I thought, already sending me to three shows (two, which I was just about to buy), more than exceeding the membership fee - check it out in your city.


Keep on, keepin' on Insiders