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MVC Villas at Doral - Miami

Question asked by clebert on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on May 3, 2014 by floridatravels

ottI have a couple of Miami layovers coming up that require a hotel stay somewhat near the MIA airport.  The MVC Villas at Doral seem to be fairly close by and are very reasonably priced compared to the typical airport hotel offerings.  I can rent a 2 BR for less than the price of any of the MIA hotels with my MVC owner discount.  Can anyone tell me if there is on-site dining suitable for kids?  It looks like the only offering is a bar where kids would not be appropriate unless FL law lets kids eat in bars (?).  It seems that there are several restaurants at the nearby Doral golf resort and MVC has a shuttle between the MVC and the main resort.  Does that sound right?  We won't have a rental car.  Also wondering if it's worth the hassle of a taxi to get over to this place when we could stay at the MIA airport Marriott which has an airport shuttle, a couple of restaurants, etc.  I do really like the appeal of the villa over a traditional hotel room, though, especially at the price being offered.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.