French Riviera - Quick, Easy, Delicious Dessert

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Hi all,

I never wrote anything about my time in Nice because it was truly just a vacation where I lounged by the Hyatt Regency Palais de la Méditeranée Hotel, walked on the Promenade des Anglais, and had good meals.  My best meal was at Boccacio, recommended by the hotel, but I had a great dessert at La Maison de Marie that I thought I would share for those of you who like alcoholic beverages and dessert.  (Normally I don't like dessert and my only alcoholic beverage is red wine, but I made an exception, which I have since replicated.)  This restaurant on the nearby rue de Massena, had a series of coupes (sorbet) with an alcohol base.  I chose the Calvados with apple sorbet.  It came in a large glass with the Calvados (about an ounce) on the bottom, and the apple sorbet on the top with a straw.  It was really, really good.


I've since made the same (without the straw) with Cognac and peach sorbet on top.  I think you need a sorbet rather than regular ice cream because it would change the consistency in the wrong way.  I am nowhere near any place I could buy Calvados, so Cognac was the only choice.  But I can imagine doing other liqueurs on the bottom (limoncello topped by lemon sorbet -- maybe a bit much!) or cassis topped by strawberry sorbet.


Anyway, it was one of the few desserts I have every enjoyed.