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Coffee (or Tea) at Marriott Courtyards No More

Question asked by njl0608 on Apr 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2015 by bnd683

Question to Marriott:  Why? Don't understand this decision.

As a platinum member, we cant even get a cup of coffee at Courtyard properties anymore.  Why is that?

All properties have coffee and tea available, especially for platinums through concierge service.

This last time staying at a Courtyard property, my rate included free breakfast.  Well, as it turns out you get only 1 "liquid" with the voucher.  Did you ever go out for breakfast. They pour you a cup of coffee. When your done, they ask you if you would like a refill?  No not courtyard: you get only 1 "liquid,"  Breakfast at full service Marriott you would get a refill.  Please rethink.  It us unfortunate that I will not be stayng at the Courtyard State College anymore and be nickeled and dime over coffee.  BTW, State College happens to have the best, most courteous staff staff.