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Using Interval International- Any tips / nightmares / concerns with using I.I. with Marriott Vacation Club (MVC)?

Question asked by tomd68 on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by tomd68

I recently received some info from MVCI regarding use of Interval International (I.I.).  My wife and I are MVC Destinations Club points owners and are considering a vacation in locations outside the MVC family at some point in in the future.  We have no idea where just yet, but before we pursue the planning, does anyone have any tips for doing so?  Was using I.I. easy?  Was it something you'll not do in the future?  Was it worth it?  Were there hidden fees or general lessons learned that you could share with MRI?  If any of you have recommendations on great resorts that made it all worth while, please share that as well.