The 2014 Categories Announced – the Numbers Crunched

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It’s time for my annual analysis on the new categories, so here we go:


Overall since 2012:


2248 Hotels have had category changes in the last three years as follows:

621 in year 2012; 517 up in category, 102 down

1353 in year 2013; 1306 up in category, 47 down

1081 in year 2014; 849 up in category, 232 down

237 Hotels have been adjusted in every year (must be popular)

50 have gone up year over year for three straight years

1 has gone down year over year for three straight years

237 have vacillated year over year of which 209 were upped in 2014, 28 down

Ritz hotels (only two years of category changes) show the following:

All 20 up in 2014

6 up in 2013 and up again in 2014 for two consecutive years