Redeeming Business Class Awards

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Hi all,

If you're not a Delta Skymiles FF with plans to go abroad, stop reading (unless you're a voracious reader ). Since Delta announced their 2015 changes, as most of you know, I have started using up my miles for business class flights to Europe.  And in the process of dozens of searches I discovered something very interesting:  If you go through Delta but fly Alitalia, you will spend a whole lot less miles for their Business (Magnifica) Class than with Delta, KLM, or AF.  I booked two, one R/T that I just used to go from Boston to Nice via Rome (100,000 miles) and one for later in the year at 80,000 miles.


Now this is the best part of all. Magnifica class is magnificent.  While there are two flat bed seats in the middle, some cozy and some altogether separate, there are single seats in a scatter pattern at the windows, which gives you real privacy. The flatbeds have massagers and there is a flat screen TV for films, games, etc. Once aboard I was given a Salvatore Ferragamo bag with every possible necessity in -- and there was one for women and one for men.  The meals were fabulous (and the wines too).  While you got a menu to choose from, you could take a little bit of everything for appetizers and main courses (and probably desserts too) -- nothing was prepackaged, but rather all where served in large platters so that they could scoop you a little or a lot or some of each.  Even on the short hop to Nice from Rome on Alitalia's CityHop when I was the only one in mini-magnifica, the hostess had a full, hot and delicious meal for me, even though it was 4pm.


And on top of it all, going through Rome is SO much easier (always assuming you are going on the same airline) than Schiphol or CDG.


Only caveat (fine with me) is that I think Alitalia only flies from five US cities (Boston, New York, Miami, Chicago, and LAX).


che buono!