Posting problems and zoo killings

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Hi all,

I want to say thanks to Jerrycoin and Anadyr after I contacted them from Nice about (my yet again) inability to post (or even get online) from a non-Marriott European hotel. Because there seems a change in activity format since I left, I can't find their posts, so I am starting a new one.  Andy, our community manager, wrote that there is no blocking going on.


The subject topics are unrelated, in case you are all wondering. (At least I hope they are.)


Andy, I fully trust you, yet I find it hard to believe.  I could have posted on the bus last night coming home from Boston to Portland, and at least read a few.  That was a few more than I did at the Hyatt Regency Palais de la Méditeranée. My first night, after I got on briefly and liked something, all contact disappeared. The next morning, attached as I am to this website, I tried again and there was a large bold I in my menu toolbar where Insiders usually is.  (It is normal now.)


So my question is why can I post/read/comment from buses, trains, airports, lounges, home, work, and other places, yet in the past two years I have never gotten past one post at a non-Marriott hotel.  I find it unreasonable to think that all of those other (mostly independent) hotels have decided I can't contact Marriott sites -- and actually I can get on the Marriott reservation site from other hotels, just nothing happens when I hit the communications/community section.  I have managed to get on a number of hotel sites from these different hotels, as well as independent bookers.  YET when at the end of some stays I am at a Marriott (like the Venice Courtyard) all works fine.


Since every single other site (even some Colby ones that are pretty-well firewall protected) was accessible, just not Marriott Insiders through my bookmark or going through the Marriott site itself and coming to a dead end.


Andy, I don't doubt your statement at all, but something smells rotten in Denmark.  ACTUALLY (and I mean all capitals here) A WHOLE LOT SMELLS ROTTEN IN DENMARK, so I will digress briefly from comments about Marriott sites.  Today, the same Copenhagen zoo that killed Marius, the young giraffe, for fear of inbreeding, in the past day or so killed four lions, including cubs, because -- GET THIS -- the new male lion they are introducing would 'undoubtedly' kill them.  I think the Copenhagen zoo should be closed and its animals sent to places where they will be cared for since their acts are unconscionable.  They claim this is what would happen in the wild.  Well, guess what, animals put in zoos are not in the wild.  In whatever time left I have in my life I will never, ever visit Denmark.  The activities of the Copenhagen zoo are barbaric.  Maybe someone should post some pictures of the dead lion cubs on facebook or twitter?


Back to my main point.  I do not understand how I can post and read Insiders everythere BUT at Marriott hotels.  I doubt this is a problem in the US, as I stated to Jerry and Anadyr, because it would have been commented on before.


Andy, I'd much appreciate if you can figure this out, but the only way I see it making sense is if Marriott is blocking me when I'm at European hotels, since no one else is blocking any of my sites.