Does Marriott's Twitter offer deals exclusive to Twitter followers?

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Wanting to know if this tech neanderthal needs to be dragged into the 21st Century of social media, I ask all parties;

communitymanagers, merb The specified item was not found. ansaa or any Insiders,  are there deals on Marriott's twitter  that can't be found anywhere else?  I'm speaking specifically about the Marriott Corporate twitter, but if anyone has bumped into deals by local brands/properties, that would be worthwhile info to share as well, but please specify (even I don't have the luxury of time to track down 4,000 accounts!).  Thanks

Additional quick glances at the subject (which is what got me thinking about my question above):

Marriott, as we have experienced, is pretty talented at managing their overall Social Media communications. Here they are rated in Top 75 corporations;

I don't even know if this will come through, because often WSJ articles are by subscription, so please forgive me if that is the case, but if not, here's an interesting quick read on corporations and how they train for social media issues.