A newb with a few questions

Discussion created by zeeshan66 on Mar 25, 2014
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I've gone through the reading material as well as tons of pages online and seem to be confused about the following...any help is GREATLY appreciated as I am new to the program and want to make sure I get the absolute best out of it.

*Car received March 2014. Have already spent the $1000+ for the bonus. Have achieved Silver Status


1) Can I ever drop below my Silver Status? Say I don't stay anywhere all year will I start back from scratch?


2) I understand we are given 15 bonus points per year (from date of initiation), do those 15 accumulate year after year or are they reset?


3) Aside from this blog where can I find the most up-to-date resources, discounts and promotions?

    - I'm on the Marriott newsletter and this website (which I will now be monitoring more closely).


4) I currently have 60k unused lifetime limes on milageplus. Is it wise to transfer the to Marriott points instead? Or just leave them as is?


Just wanted to run these past you fine folks before I called and harassed the extra busy folks at their concierge.