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Seeking PlusGrade Experiences (on Brussels Airlines)

Question asked by ssindc on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by jerrycoin

Have any of you got experiences to share with regard to the Brussels Airlines Plusgrade system (or any other airlines' Plusgrade system)?  Here's my specific question: Any suggestions for how much I should bid for a Business Class upgrade on a 8-10 hour legs between Brussels and an African airport?


FYI - if you're not familiar with Plusgrade, here's what Brussels Airlines says:



Plusgrade allows you to make an offer to fly in a higher cabin class and enjoy all its comfort and services!

From time to time, we have seats that become available at the last minute in our b.flex economy+ and cabin, and rather than flying them empty, we're happy to put you in that seat!



I'm a big fan of markets and specific user fees, so I love the idea.  I just don't have any idea how high (or how low) to bid.... Any insights (or war stories - successful or unsuccessful) are welcome.....