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How Long is it Acceptable for an EMail to be Answered?

Question asked by tommo781 on Mar 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2014 by kk_z1

Hi Everyone,


I am getting so fed up with Marriott West India Quay.  It is one of our favourite hotels, but this is getting so frustrating it may end up as one of our least favourite!


I have booked 5 nights later in the year on marriott Reward Points.  But I don't want a standard room, I want to upgrade to a Studio Suite.  So I made the points booking on line, then sent this EMail to the hotel at 8am on 20th March.


"I have made a rewards points reservation for 5 nights from **.

Can you please tell me how much I would need to pay in cash, and how many Rewards points, to upgrade the reservation to a Studio Suite.



It took until 8:50 pm on 21st March (i.e. over 36 hours) to receive the following reply.


"Thank you for contacting our Sales team.

The cost of upgrading your reservation to a Studio suite is £** per night. We unfortunately do not offer upgrades using rewards points.

Should you wish to reserve the Studio suite, please could you kindly let me know and I will update your reservation.

We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel and please feel free to contact me should I be of any further assistance."


The next morning, 22nd March at 7:20 am, I responded "Thankyou for the information.  I am happy at the upgrade rate of £**, and so would like to upgrade my reservation to a Studio Suite.  High floor if possible please.  Last time we were staying with you, I believe our Studio Suite was on 6th floor, and it was lovely.


My Marriott Rewards number is **, and my reservation number is **.  If you could update that reservation to a Studio Suite and confirm to me that it has been done, I would be very grateful."


As I had no response by this afternoon, 23 March, at 16:15, - i.e 80 hours since I first contacted them, I telephoned to ask what on earth was going on, and said I expected a response within 30 minutes.  That time has been and gone and I have heard nothing.


How long does anyone else think is reasonable please?