Turnaround time for missing stay requests?

Discussion created by gobluetwo on Mar 20, 2014
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What is the typical turnaround time for missing stay requests with scanned copies of the folio? 


I had 3 stays in NYC earlier this year (Marriott Downtown, Ren 57, and Ren Times Square), none of which have posted to my account.  Stays were in Jan/Feb, so should have had plenty of time to post by now.  I submitted 3 missing stay requests, each with electronic copies of my folios, last week and have seen no updates to my account.  Will they ever write back indicating that my account activity was updated, or do I need to just continue checking the site?  It may be that the best bet is to just call CS, but wanted to check to see if I'm just being impatient.  I didn't see any indication on the request form page of the typical turnaround (e.g., will take up to x days to process the request).  I did see that some were reporting same day turnarounds, but that's clearly not true in my case.  Thanks!