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If cost is not an object in NYC, where should I stay?

Question asked by hhonorsdiamond on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by shoeman1000

I have a once-in-a lifetime trip to NYC coming up, and I'd like to cash in my points so that the hotel stay on the trip contributes to the unforgettable experience.  Cost is no object.  I have about six times as many points as I need for the stay at any hotel in Manhattan for my intended time.


I've stayed at the Marriott Marquis before, which was nice but also a mega-hotel that was kind of bland and a bit impersonal because of the size.  I'm thinking of staying at the Essex House (in the 80s, a relative stayed in a penthouse that was owned by his Fortune 500 company, and I got to see the place as a kid), the Marriott East Side, the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, the Renaissance 57, or one of the Ritzs.  I don't know the Autograph collection well enough to know if I should be looking at any of them.


I'm Platinum, if the elite-level service matters at all.


Any and all advice appreciated!