The MRI TMI Effect

Discussion created by anadyr on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2014 by shoeman1000

OK call me cranky, call me prescient, call me a rumor monger, but I am suffering from MRI TMI! 

I was blissfully happy when I only knew that I was going to stay at a Marriott hotel.  Like Plato's recounting the The Republic, when he mentions his allegory of the cave, the shadows were what I saw and I drew my own conclusions.

Now I see all these hints from MR personnel of the Marriott inner sanctum and I for one am getting the TMI syndrome.  Like anything: peanut butter-filled pretzels for example, it is not how they do it (I'm guessing that it is an alien technology reverse engineered) or Velcro, the fact that it is exists is paramount.  How it came to be is none of my business.

Bottom line for me is that I continue to make reservations, pay for the stays I make, and find that I need less information on what and why went into the corporation itself.  Just give me a room at a fair price.

Just my take, and that's the truth.