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room type switched

Question asked by girlsclub on Mar 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by ks77

I have a confirmed reservation for 2 rooms using my gold elite member points dated 02/09/14. The reservation checkin is for 07/12/14. The email confirmation from Pier south Autograph Collection states 2 rooms beachfront balcony. On 03/10/14, I was reviewing the reservation and I realized to my dismay and not of my doing that the room type was changed to only balcony. I called the resort that morning a 8:56 am EST and "Hami" assured me that the rooms in the reservation system stated beachfront balcony. I emailed the GM, Tim E. two times to get this assurance confirmed in writing and have not received a reply.  The original confirmation # is 87946564. This confirmation was also split to 2 reservations; with the other # as 87946565. Could you please reconcile this discrepancy as I am very much looking forward to my stay. Thank you.