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Points reduction for non us stays

Question asked by mobilepete on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2014 by brightlybob

Marriott rewards has historically converted spend for non US stays net of local taxes into US$ for base points at a fair exchange rate. This policy seems to be changing. My recent stay at the autograph threadneedles hotel in London had a net of local taxes total of GB£1227.75 which apparently is US$1686. An exchange rate of £1=$1.37. I've spoken to Marriott rerwards service centre who confirm that GB£1227.75 is the net folio amount posted and the exchange rate is automatically generated. This is a 20% rip-off. Is it just the threadneedles or has anyone else noticed if this new is a new approach? 6/7 years ago when I had a Hilton diamond membership I noticed a similar rip-off which is why I abandoned Hilton for Marriott!